Monday, March 01, 2010

Meet Chunky!

Have I told you about my lack of patience and impulsiveness?  In other words, when I get in my mind that I'm going to do something... I do it.  And quickly.  Well, recently we decided to get another dog.  And of course, since we're Rottweiler folk, we decided to find a Rottweiler.  So we got in touch with a few dog friends from way back when we were more involved in dogs... one thing led to another... some people we used to train with were looking to place a dog they had...

So meet Chunky!


Chunky comes from good lines, but has a very small white spot on his chest and a slightly not so good bite so he's neutered and can't be shown.  Oh well, not the end of the world.  We can still do obedience, tracking and of course he can still be our pet.  
We got him Saturday night and he's adjusting very well so far.  We REALLY like him.  A lot.

And once again... we're crazy dog people...



kathi said...

I knew you'd be back to the dark side! Welcome back!

And now, the obligatory psycho dog person question: So! Who's he out of?


Nick said...

He's from Chuck Wilson's H litter. This is his sister -

Good lines, good temperaments, but apparently not known for their bites :(

I'm really looking forward to training with him though. He's got good drive and seems to have a clear head.

kathi said...

Hehehe you sound like a psycho dog person once again :)

Haila's owner posts on Rottweiler Online, and she's put a lot of different types of titles on her, so I'm guessing you, too, will have fun working!

May I recommend Rally Obedience as a fun and less stressful way to get back into training and competition :)